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Horror Stories?

You've heard horror stories of people loosing large amounts of money through the internet.  The reason you many have heard so much about it is simply because it's true. People are scammed and robbed everyday. This page is to provide you with some information so you won't become a victim. There are many scams out there so we can never guarantee this information will protect you from all of them. Also there are new scams starting up each day so always be careful. That doesn't mean that you can't buy safely online. Millions of people do it each day. Read how some of these scams work. There are different variations of the scams  most are very similar.

We are adding this information to this website for two reasons. First by letting you know about the way some of these scams operate you will be less likely to become a victim. Second when the scammers realize we are on to them they will take their scams elsewhere or, better yet, get an honest job.

Three simple rules

  • If the deal sounds to good to be true, it's probably not true.

  • If a person makes it a point to tell you to trust them because they are honest - they are probably not honest. 

  • Never - Never - Never send money via Western Union to somebody, or some company, you don't know.  JUST NEVER DO IT!

A few tips when buying or selling on the internet.

  • Know how the scams work. They only work if they can fool you. If you know about them they can't fool you. Read about the most common ones that affect this website by clicking here. 
  • Purchase in person if possible. The most expensive items sold in the classifieds on this site are motorcycles. If you see a good deal on a motorcycle that is thousands of miles from you, there is a good chance you'll find a similar deal close to you. If the deal really good you might find it worth wile to travel.
  • Use a secure method of sending money. Never send cash or transfer money via Western Union to an unknown person.  OK, it looks like were picking on Western Union. We don't mean to. They are great for sending money to someone you know.
  • Use a third party to help with the transaction. Escrow companies can help but be very cautious. Make sure you are dealing with a real and licensed escrow company. Many scammers are setting up fake companies to collect the money. This can be a problem if you are selling also. This is one of the common scams. Please take the time to read about it by clicking here. Some fake companies can be very convincing. If in doubt, don't use them. We have a few tips for spotting fraudulent escrow companies. Click here for that information.

Hopefully the information above helps. We know we are not experts but we have seen most of the scams used on the internet. If you think you are being scammed but aren't sure please . We'll look at the information and give you our opinion. Also if you know of other ways to help make transactions more secure we'd like to know that also.

We will be adding more information as we get it. Hopefully we will soon have a list of licensed escrow companies.